Sustainable Environmental Enterprises

An IRS 501 c(3) non profit charitable corporation


Sustainable Environmental Enterprises (SEE) fulfils two functions through two ongoing programs:

1) Water Quality and Global Warming Technology Research and

2) Installation of Facilities to reduce global warming and improve water quality while recovering resources.

Research and Development

Over the past seven years Sustainable Environmental Enterprises and it’s managers have developed and received US Patents on 12 technologies that harvest nutrients from water and wastewater streams while at the same time sequestering CO2 from the atmosphere and producing renewable biomass that is used to produce renewable fuels such as biomethane, hydrogen, butanol, and ethanol. The harvested nutrients are used as a diesel exhaust fluid and crystalline calcium phosphate.
Patented technologies and other conventional technologies are used to construct facilities that will improve water quality and significantly reduce atmospheric CO2 responsible for ocean acidification, aquatic toxins, and global warming.

Installation of Facilities

Sustainable Environmental Enterprises (SEE) is primarily dedicated to installing facilities that harvest nutrients from liquid streams and CO2 from the atmosphere for the production of renewable energy and recovery of essential elements. Installation will be partially or entirely funded by donations and the sale of products produced.

If you know of a water quality problem or desire to reduce or eliminate nutrient discharges to the water or air while at the same time produce products of value please contact SEE through the contact page such that we can discuss the economics and benefits of a variety of technical options.

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Sustainable Environmental Enterprises is an IRS 501 c(3) non profit charitable corporation

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