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In July 2019, eleven European countries experienced the hottest temperatures ever recorded since record keeping began in 1833. Record highs reached 102.9° F in Netherlands, 106.7°F in Germany, 104.4°F in Belgium, 114.6F in France, and 100.5°F in the UK., Daily temperatures of over 50% of all countries were set in the 2000-2019 period. Global temperatures are expected to increase markedly in the next several decades due to global warming which has paralleled increases in atmospheric CO2 concentrations that have increased from 280 ppm in 1940 to over 405 ppm today. In the US temperatures have increased 1.9 °F since record keeping began in 1895.
Wildfires have burned more acreage in the western US due to higher temperatures and lower humidity, heat waves have become more frequent and intense in the west, It is clear that we are experiencing global warming caused by substantially increased atmospheric CO2 levels. We can no longer solve the problem by simply using renewable energy sources such as windmills and solar power that intermittently produce power and rely on batteries or biomass base load generation. Atmospheric CO2 as well as dissolved oceanic CO2 must be removed to halt ocean acidification and global warming. We must find a way of inexpensively removing CO2 from the atmosphere without using land based biomass production or displacing food production while using a minimum amount of energy.
The EPA has also reported that over 50% of our nations waters have been degraded by nutrient (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) pollution resulting in eutrophication and toxic algae blooms. This problem can more appropriately be solved by harvesting nutrients from the waterways such as lakes, streams, and estuaries as well as point and non-point sources from urban and agricultural runoff and waste treatment facilities. Harvesting phosphorus and nitrogen from our waterways will provide fertilizer for food production and eliminate the greenhouse gas emitting, and energy consuming industrial production of nitrogen.
SEE has developed and patented biochemical processes that economically harvest nutrients, utilizing a minimal amount of energy, from natural and process waters to prevent toxic algae blooms while removing CO2 from the atmosphere and generating renewable biomass for fuel production.
The Rotating Photo Bioreactor (RPB) shown above uses a small amount of energy to remove Periphyton biomass growth from rotating discs and a lesser amount of energy to rotate the disks on a central shaft

It provides an extremely economical method to produce renewable energy, remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and reclaim essential nutrients normally flushed to the ocean. We can install the RPB wherever it is needed to reduce nutrient loads, remove CO2, and produce renewable energy biomass or agricultural fertilizers.

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Sustainable Environmental Enterprises is an IRS 501 c(3) non profit charitable corporation

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